High school check-in system featured on blog

Man touches iPad on stand

Herkimer Jr./Sr. High School’s new self-serve check-in kiosk was recently featured on the blog of software company The Receptionist.

Herkimer was highlighted as a “featured customer” of the company, which provides organizations with visitor management systems — electronic tools for people to sign in, print out passes and connect with people inside the building.

Both Herkimer Jr./Sr. High School and Herkimer Elementary School are secured during school hours to protect the safety of students and staff, with visitors admitted only after checking in with the front office.

Herkimer High School introduced the self-service check-in kiosk, which is powered by an iPad, during the 2016-17 school year. According to district Technology Coordinator Ryan Orilio, the goal of the system was to free up the administrative staff’s time and space, and provide an accurate record of who comes in and when.

Finger touches iPad screen with text reading "Welcome to Herkimer CSD. Please select the reason for your visit."

The system is customized for different groups of people, including students, parents, substitute teachers or other visitors. Visitors are prompted to select a group and type in their name; the system then snaps a photo of the visitor and prints out a sticker.

“When a student signs in, it prints out something totally different compared to when parents sign in,” Orilio explained.

The system has enhanced district safety by providing an electronic database, so that during a fire drill or emergency, building staff can quickly obtain accurate about the whereabouts of everyone in the building. Additional features the district may introduce include visitor notifications, where a contact can be notified when a specific person signs in using the kiosk.

Orilio said that he plans to introduce similar kiosks throughout the district based on the success of the system at the high school.