Graduation award winners announced

The following Herkimer Jr./Sr. High School students are recognized in this year’s graduation awards:

AAA Driver Education Award: Benjamin Migliore
Based on demonstrated driving skills, knowledge of the rules of the road, and a mature attitude and approach to driving. (Junior)

Adirondack Bank: “Community Spirit” Award: Joshua Wilcox
This award is a recognition of attitude – an award of effort, not of accomplishment. This award is meant to recognize the willingness to strive for achievement in spite of obstacles or adversity.

Joseph Aiello Scholarship: MacKenzie Kelsey
To a worthy student enrolled in an institute of higher learning in any area of study.

Anthony M. Enea Memorial Award: Collin Treen
Given to a senior wrestler going on to a 2- or 4-year school.

Anthony R. George Post Scholarship: Gabrielle Tangorra
To a deserving senior who is a descendent of an Italian-American veteran and will be attending college in the fall.

Arion Award: Tyleek Scafe
To a student who excels in music in their junior year.

The Louis Armstrong Jazz Award: Ronald Gage III
Outstanding senior jazz musician.

Michael J. Babcock Memorial Award: Nicholas Ferri
Awarded to a personable senior pursuing a challenging post-secondary program, who exhibits a positive attitude and an avid interest in sports and/or music.

2017 Elizabeth Ann and Mabel Bond O’Donnell Scholarship: Morgan Rivers
Given to a graduating female student selected by the school given by the Charles H. Bassett Youth Foundation Inc.

Barbara Gokey Perkins Music Scholarship: Brandan Parks
Awarded to a senior who has been active in the high school music program with emphasis in voice or the dramatic arts.

Bausch & Lomb Medal: Zachary Polus
For best work in Math & Science (Junior)

John Bernier Memorial Award: Antonio Aceto
To a student who has played Varsity Football for at least two years and shows academic potential to engage in secondary study at an accredited school.

The Jamie Burroughs Memorial Scholarship: Ronald Gage III
Based on merit, exemplifying overall good character including being respectful of teachers, coaches and fellow students, and demonstrates a “team” connection on all aspects of high school life.

Carl Vandelinder Criminal Justice Award: Austin Wolfran

Ceramic Association of New York & The New York State College Of Ceramics At Alfred University Scholastic Award: Zachary Polus
In recognition of outstanding leadership and academic promise. (Junior)

Clarkson School Scholars Award: Nicholaus Stallman
In recognition of outstanding leadership qualities and academic promise. (Junior)

Clarkson University High School Achievement Award: Brett Bala
In recognition of outstanding leadership qualities and academic promise. (Junior)

Clarkson University High School Leadership Award: Joseph Perkins
In recognition of outstanding leadership qualities and academic promise. (Junior)

Class of 1961 Award: Brandan Parks and Catherine Pontius
Given to a graduating boy and girl who resides in Herkimer and maintained at least an overall B average and plans to pursue their education. (Preference given to students that have gone above and beyond minimum requirements by taking college courses and/or doing internships).

Class of 2012 Scholarship: Maddie Renshaw
To be awarded to a student who demonstrates the qualities held by the Class of 2012. This student must be outgoing, excel academically, and have a passion for sports.

Cumberland Farms Believe And Achieve Scholarship Program: Brandan Parks

The Phyllis T. Curtin Memorial Scholarship: Justine Miller
Given to a graduating senior who is pursuing a college degree in either Early Childhood education or the Culinary Arts.

Director’s Award – Instrumental Music: Victoria Rodriguez

Director’s Award – Vocal Music: Brandan Parks

The Danny Dunn Scholarship: Victoria Rodriguez
Given to a graduate who exemplifies leadership who will enter a health related field.

East Herkimer Volunteer Fire Department Award: Codi Gay and Brandan Parks
Given to 1 young man and 1 young woman from the Town of Herkimer (East Herkimer) for community service.

The Elmira College Key Award: Marissa Johnson
In recognition of high scholastic achievement, leadership, citizenship and participation in extracurricular activities. (Junior)

The John Fallon Jr. Memorial Scholarship Award: Collin Treen
Given to a senior wrestler going on to a higher institution of learning and who has the best record in wrestling during his wrestling years.

The John Fallon Jr. Music Award: Kyler Ford
For outstanding achievement in the field of music during the four high school years.

Fame Music Boosters Award: Chorus – Brandan Parks; Band – Victoria Rodriguez

2017 Folts Foundation Scholarship Award: Morgan Nichols
Given to students going into the healthcare field.

Footlighters Drama Booster Club Award: Brooke Edstrom and Brandan Parks
For students who demonstrate achievement in the dramatic arts.

Frederick Douglass And Susan B. Anthony Award (Junior): Jenna Vincent

The Dorothy Gallo Scholarship & Award: Brooke Edstrom
To a deserving graduating student or student(s).

2017 Dar Good Citizenship Award: Elise Davis

George Eastman Young Leaders Award: Nicole Gallagher
Given by the University of Rochester (Junior)

Dominick Grande Award: Shayna Crandall
Given to an all around student active in the community

Grove & Asta Murray Herkimer Scholarship Fund: Brandan Parks
Given to a student pursuing a course of study in the natural sciences, especially relating to environmental conservation, forestry, natural resources preservation, green technology and/or related earth sciences; or may be pursuing a career in music in some form.

L. James Hagen Jr. Prize: Kyler Ford
For best attendance. Name to be added to plaque in the library.

Gretchen Haller Memorial Music Award: Morgan Nichols
Given to a senior who has excelled in singing, speech or piano.

Herkimer Central School District Board Of Education Awards: Justin Piper, Patrick Perese, Nicholaus Stallman (undergraduates)

Herkimer Citizens Athletic Scholarship: Elise Davis and Nicholas Ferri
Based on school citizenship, scholarship and athletics.

2017 Herkimer College Hope Scholarship: Kimberly Buckley, Kyler Ford, Maddie Renshaw, Victoria Rodriguez and Austin Wolfran
The Herkimer College Hope Scholarship is a $500 award presented to graduating high school seniors who are residents of Herkimer County and who have demonstrated a strong record of achievement in academics, leadership activities, and service to their communities.

Herkimer County Conference of Mayors: James Petucci
To a graduating senior who is planning on pursuing a career in either government or politics.

Herkimer County Music Educators Award: James Petucci

Herkimer Elks Lodge Memorial In Honor Of Francis O. Gabler, Past Principal of Herkimer High School: Austin Wolfran
Given to a young man who is involved in the community, GPA of at least 2.5 and entering a community college.

Herkimer Elks Lodge Memorial In Honor Of Joan Noonan, Past President Of The Herkimer Lady Elks: Justine Miller
Given to a young woman who is involved in the community, GPA of at least 2.5 and entering a community college.

Herkimer Faculty Association Award: Kyler Ford

Herkimer Faculty Association Joseph Lidano Memorial Scholarship: Connor Dykeman
Awarded to a senior who best exemplifies service and the other characteristics which typified Mr. Lidano’s career.

Herkimer High School Coaches Appreciation Award: Kyler Ford and Emily LaQuee

Herkimer High School Principal’s Award: Elise Davis, Shayna Crandall, Nicholas Ferri, Codi Gay, Trey Guyer, Angelica Huhko, Brandan Parks, Catherine Pontius, Morgan Rivers and Giovanni Servello.
To be given to seniors who obtain an average of 90 or above.

Herkimer High School Soccer Scholarship: Antonio Morra and Maddie Renshaw
Given to a senior(s) varsity soccer player in recognition of all past soccer players and their achievements.

Herkimer Tool & Machining F. Ellis Green, Jr. Memorial Award: Catherine Pontius
For the highest average in science.

Herkimer Varsity Letter Award: Kyler Ford, Codi Gay and Antonio Morra
Awarded to senior athlete(s) who have earned the most Varsity letters throughout their career at Herkimer Central School District.

Keuka College – George H. Ball Community Achievement Award: Ashley Cady, Nicole Gallagher, Rebekah Groom and Jenna Vincent
Given for integrity, academic excellence, diversity, leadership and service.

Scholarship In Memory Of Pearl M. Klock: Shayna Crandall
Based on citizenship, responsibility and is respectful of others.

The Larry Knapp Art Scholarship – Most Improved: Amelia Whitney
To a graduating senior, deemed most improved in the field of art.

The Larry Knapp Art Scholarship – Most Outstanding: Brooke Edstrom
To an outstanding art student in the senior class.

Third Degree, Knights Of Columbus Prize: Kyler Ford
Given by the Knights of Columbus.

The Paul Kucerak Business Award: Derek Newman
To a student with an average between the grade point of 75-85 going to HCCC, pursuing a career in the business field.

Jeff LaBreche Wrestling Scholarship: James Petucci
Given by Mrs. LaBreche and Rudy Scialdo to a wrestler who is the most improved wrestler and maintains a passing average academically.

Kay Turner Ladd Scholarship Fund: Justine Miller
Given by the Class of 1974 to a student going into elementary education.

The Clemente J. Lamanna Sports Award: Baseball – Derek Newman; Football – Brian Mula.
To be given to outstanding male athletes in the sports of baseball and football.

Language Club Award: Morgan Rivers
For best work in Foreign Language

LeMoyne College Heights Award: Jenna Vincent
Recognizes students who are reaching for the “heights” in the classroom and service to their school and community. (Junior)

Caroline Littell Award: Bogdana Tarasenko
To a female senior who plans to enter the teaching profession and in the opinion of the faculty has shown the greatest interest in elementary education.

The Michael R. Malinowski Little League Volunteer Scholarship: Victoria Rose
Given to a person who has dedicated his or her time to helping children in baseball on and off the field and has supported the Little League program and its growth in the community.

The John “Corky” McGuire Annual Athlete of the Year Award: Emily Laquee and Brian Mula

Memorial Gift From Class of 1968: Antonio Aceto
To a senior showing good citizenship who will attend Herkimer College.

Memorial Gift From Class of 2011: Gina Baggetta
To a senior that possess the characteristics of the Class of 2011- unique, compassionate, perseverance and most importantly involved with class functions/fundraisers.

The Peter Merena Memorial Scholarship Fund: Collin Treen
Given in memory of the deceased members of the Class of 1963.

Michael Pliseck Post, VFW Prize – Industrial Arts: Dillon Holmes
For best work in Industrial Arts.

Michael Pliseck Post, VFW Prize – Citizenship/Responsibility: Kyler Ford
To a senior showing greatest development in leadership & service during three years of high school.

Michael Pliseck Post, VFW Auxiliary Award: Morgan Nichols
To a senior showing greatest development in leadership & service during four years of high school.

Michael S. Renshaw Memorial Scholarship: Antonio Aceto, Gianna Bambara, Elise Davis, Nicholas Ferri, Kyle Long, Brian Mula, Gabrielle Tangorra and Kyle Volkmer.
Given to graduating seniors that are interested in pursuing educational goals in the technical/skilled worker service fields.

Mohawk Valley Towns Bowling Association of New York Award: Jennifer Boepple and Antonio Morra
Presented to a senior boy and girl who shows leadership qualities, good association with other bowlers and shows an interest in continuing bowling after graduation.

Ralph D. & Mary F. Moore Prize: Ariana Huhko
To a student excelling in Biology.

The Elsie And Saul Myers Scholarship Fund: Brandan Parks
Given to a college bound graduating senior who best combines athletic and scholarship achievement with a demonstrated commitment to community involvement.

New York State Scholarship For Academic Excellence: Elise Davis, Nicholas Ferri, Trey Guyer and Catherine Pontius.

Nina’s Legacy Award: Victoria Rodriguez
Given to a female graduate showing the most growth in leadership and school service during the high school years. Given in memory of Nina Sponburg.

The Osia Rockland Lodge 2176 Past Presidents Community Service Award: Gianna Bambara
Given for outstanding community service, combined with leadership and good scholastic effort.

Patrick Gilmore Award: Emily LaQuee
For outstanding contributions to the band.

Polish Community Home Prize In Memory Of Walter Czuryla: Austin Wolfran
To a senior male with the highest average in trade courses at the Career Tech Center.

Polish Community Home Prize: Victoria Rodriguez
To a senior female with the highest average in trade courses at the Career Tech Center.

Eva M. Porter Prize: Catherine Pontius
For best work in chemistry and physics.

President’s Award For Academic Excellence: Shayna Crandall, Elise Davis, Nicholas Ferri, Codi Gay, Trey Guyer, Angelica Huhko, Brandan Parks, Catherine Pontius, Morgan Rivers and Giovanni Servello.

President’s Education Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement: Antonio Aceto, Gianna Bambara, Cedes Doherty, Connor Dykeman, Kyler Ford, Ariana Janes, Kyle Kovac, Kyle Long, Alyssa Miller, Justine Miller, Brian Mula, Morgan Nichols, Maddie Renshaw, Victoria Rodriguez, Giovanna Sementilli, Kyle Smith, Gabrielle Tangorra and Austin Wolfran.

Progressive Club Award – Art: Kyle Volkmer
To be given to a student who achieves in the field of Art.

Progressive Club Award – Drama: Victoria Rodriguez
To be given to a student who achieves in the field of Drama.

Progressive Club Award – Literature: Gabrielle Tangorra
To be given to a student who achieves in the field of Literature.

Progressive Club Award – Music: Devon Austin-Everson
To be given to a student who achieves in the field of Music.

Remington Arms Corp. Griffin-Jones Award: Morgan Nichols
Named in honor of and as a memoriam for two past presidents who gave many years of service to the Remington Arms Employees Club Board of Governors. Given to current employees of Remington Arms.

RIT Computing Medal Scholarship: Nicole Gallagher and Zachary Polus
This award is given to a student(s) for their involvement in school and the community, and their computing abilities. (Junior)

RIT Creativity & Innovation Award: Felicity Boncella and Joseph Perkins
Given to a junior who is involved in school or the community. Must be a leader, demonstrating innovation, creativity or entrepreneurship. (Junior)

Robert Noble Memorial Award: Kyle Long
Given to a graduating senior pursuing a career in architecture or engineering. Based on desire and dedication to the profession.

Robert G. Stearns Memorial Football Scholarship: Collin Treen
Given to a graduating senior attending a four year college and will be participating in a collegiate football program.

The Mrs. Roma Viel Memorial Award: Bogdana Tarasenko
Given to a senior who exemplifies the characteristics and ideas of Mrs. Viel – kindness and generosity to everyone she met, perseverance in the face of difficulties and challenges, a positive attitude a hard worker, and having a love for life.

Ronald W. Oldfield Memorial Scholarship: Codi Gay and Collin Treen
Given to one senior boy and one senior girl for academic achievement in the face of disability.

Ronald J. Wiernicki Athletic Award: Baseball – Brian Mula; football – Brian Mula
Presented to a senior who lettered for at least three years in baseball or softball, who exhibits Ron’s qualities of good citizenship, leadership and team player who will be attending college in the fall.

Ronnie Smith Memorial Scholarship: Kyle Volkmer
Given to a student going into the field of nursing preference to a student in respiratory therapy and involvement/interest in music.

R.P.I. Medal: Zachary Polus
For best work in Science and Math (Junior)

Ruth Myers Rosenberg Plaque: Brandan Parks and Catherine Pontius
Names of outstanding male and female school citizens, selected by students and faculty, names to be added to plaque.

2017 Student Sage Recognition Award: Rebekah Groom and Paige Phillips
Given by Russell Sage College Scholarship Committee to a junior female who has excelled academically and who has served her community. (Junior)

Senior Athletic Award: Devon Austin-Everson, Dale Brewer, Shayna Crandall, Elise Davis, Kyler Ford, Ronald Gage III, Codi Gay, Trey Guyer, Brian Mula, Brandan Parks, James Petucci, Maddie Renshaw, Gabrielle Tangorra and Austin Wolfran.

Sisterhood Of Temple Beth Joseph: Giovanni Servello
For best work in foreign language.

Jack M. And Helen C. Smith Scholarship: Catherine Pontius
Given to a graduating senior for scholarship.

Jack Smith Plaque: Giovanni Servello
Name to be added to plaque for outstanding work in Mechanical Drawing.

Edward & Katherine Snow Memorial Award: Gianna Bambara
For service to the community.

Sons Of The American Revolution Award (Herkimer Chapter): Trey Guyer
For outstanding work in American History.

The John Philip Sousa Band Award: Justine Miller
Given to the outstanding senior instrumentalist.

A. Walter Suiter & Mary Grace Suiter Scholarship: Catherine Pontius
Provided by the will of the late Dr. A. Walter Suiter bequeathing to the Board of Education income to be used as a prize to be awarded to the Valedictorian.

St. Michael’s College Book Academic With A Social Conscience Award: Nicholaus Stallman and Jenna Vincent
Given to a junior boy and girl who has a sincere commitment to community service activities through their high school and local community. (Junior)

Temple Beth Joseph Community Service Award: Catherine Pontius
Given to a graduating senior for outstanding citizenship and academic ability.

Town and Village Highway Superintendents Association Of Herkimer County Award: Andrew Mason
Awarded to a hardworking student interested in going into a construction or mechanical related field. The student does not have to be going on to college or a technical school.

The Nicholas J. Trimboli & Bertha L. Trimboli Scholarship & Incentive Award: Maddie Renshaw
To a senior pursuing the field of journalism or communications.

Marcy G. Ulman Band Award: Ronald Gage III and Emily Laquee
To a male and female who shall be members of both the marching band and concert band, be good musicians, good academic students, and be active in band functions. Recipients are voted on by members of the band.

Marcy G. Ulman Student Council Award: Elise Davis
For outstanding service to the school.

Utica College Scholarship: Elise Davis

Utica Dollars For Scholars – Mele Family Fund Math & Science Scholarship: Nicholas Ferri
Given to students illustrating excellence in Math, Science or the Humanities. Given by the Community Foundation of Herkimer and Oneida Counties and nominated by Utica Dollars for Scholars.

Outstanding Vocal Music Achievement Award: Devon Austin-Everson, Andrew Boyles, John Chimento, Shayna Crandall, Ariana Janes, Morgan Nichols and Morgan Rivers.
Given to a student who excels in Vocal Music.

Ermatrude Moore Watson Fund: Codi Gay
To be given to the outstanding senior pursuing a business program.

Wells College 21st Century Leadership Award: Brett Bala and Nicholaus Stallman
In recognition of outstanding contributions as a student and a leader

The Barbara A. Whitney Scholarship: Brandan Parks
Given to the graduating senior who strived to achieve to their potential. This student also is known by faculty and students to be of good character by his/her relationship with faculty, peers and by his/her efforts in civic activities helping the community as a whole to be a better place.

Dr. Samuel Woltag Memorial Award: Ronald Gage III
For best work in Instrumental Music.

Women Of The Moose Award: Angelica Huhko
To a student with the highest average entering the medical field.

Woody Herman Award: John Chimento
For outstanding contributions to the Jazz Ensemble.

Wayne Zawtocki Memorial Scholarship: Angelica Huhko
In memory of Wayne Zawtocki to a student selected by the faculty who has been accepted to a four-year college to study physical education, health, or sports medicine.

Xerox Award: Nicholas Warner
Given to a junior by the University of Rochester for innovation and information technology.

Ye Green Quill Award: Andrew Boyles, Kyler Ford, Brandan Parks, Catherine Pontius

Zawtocki-Yavornitzki Family Scholarship: Brian Mula and Gabrielle Tangorra
This award is dedicated by the Zawtocki-Yavornitzki family members who graduated from Herkimer High School. This award is to be selected by the faculty to one male and one female scholar-athlete who best emulates the Herkimer “Magician” spirit of pride and excellence in the classroom, playing field and in the community and who has been accepted at a four-year college.