Tracy Xiao named Art Student of the Month

Collage of student artwork with labels that read 'Student of the Month' 'Tracy Xiao'

Ninth-grader Tracy Xiao has been named Art Student of the Month for February. According to teacher Leah Zorn, Tracy was chosen because of her positive attitude, creative ideas, and her desire to produce highly skilled works of art. Besides art, Tracy enjoys learning about math, and outside of school, she enjoys listening to music and watching anime.

Tracy is enrolled in Studio in Art class, where students have been studying the element of value — how highlights and shadows help create the effect of three-dimensional forms on a two-dimensional surface. Students learned how to draw in proportion using the grid technique, and collaborated to draw portraits of well-known people such as Derek Jeter and Marilyn Monroe.

Photo of Derek Jeter alongside pencil drawing portrait divided into grid

Zorn’s Basic Drawing students have been working on their final project, “Not Your Typical Selfie.” After spending some time learning about art history (well-known artists, styles, and movements), students were encouraged to create a self-portrait drawing that reflected a particular period or artist that inspired them.  Students were allowed to choose their own size and drawing media for their project.

Art 7 students have been learning about the elements of texture and space, creating artworks that exhibit both elements. In a scratchboard drawing, students drew pictures of objects that had specific implied textures, such as feathers or cacti. Once the scratchboard paper was filled with texture drawings, students drew and cut out a portion of their paper to demonstrate areas of positive, recognizable space.

Students in Art 8 are studying the principle of movement, working step-by-step with Mrs. Zorn to learn how to draw a human figure that appears to be in motion.

After creating a practice drawing, students had the opportunity to draw their own figure in motion. Once it was drawn, colored, and cut out, students added colors and details to the other side. The moving figures are displayed in the Art room.

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