Transition team working on grade reconfiguration plans

Following the Herkimer Central School Board of Education’s December decision to move sixth grade to the Jr./Sr. High School, Herkimer faculty and staff have been hard at work laying the groundwork for the transition process that will begin later this year.

Middle School Principal Zachary Abbe is overseeing the transition process, and has convened a committee of faculty and staff to develop a transition plan over the next several months. (The board appointed Mr. Abbe to the role of middle school principal, effective Feb. 1.)

The transition committee, which had its initial meeting in mid-January, includes teachers from both school buildings. The group is tasked with working on topics such as student schedules, extracurricular activities, grading, homework and curriculum in the coming weeks and months.

According to Mr. Abbe, the group is excited about creating a unique “middle school” identity for students in sixth, seventh and eighth grades, in addition to a support structure that can promote student success.

At the elementary level, Bridgett Manley is working directly with students in fifth and sixth grades to help build skill sets that will support students through the transition to middle school.

School officials said they are working on plans to welcome families of rising sixth- and seventh-graders at the Jr./Sr. High School in the spring or summer for an initial orientation and welcome. Work is also underway to give parents of rising sixth- and seventh-graders a way to communicate back and forth with the school to stay up to date with transition plans. More information will be provided as the process continues.