District strengthens security procedures

With the recent tragic events in Parkland, Florida, Herkimer Central School District officials have been in contact with local law enforcement to review and strengthen security procedures.

The district partnered with the Herkimer Police Department to place a full-time School Resource Officer (SRO) in the district beginning in August. SRO Shauna Jones works with administrators, teachers and students in both buildings to promote safety.

The SRO is also available as a resource for staff when dealing with reports of possible threats. Any time a threat is reported, building principals work with law enforcement to determine if the threat is credible.  

Students and parents are encouraged to report troubling statements or behavior to district officials so that the information can be evaluated and appropriate action can be taken. While some situations may require students to take action (such as sheltering in place), many threats are determined to be not credible, and no action is needed.

Conversations around school safety are ongoing at Herkimer. With the support of the local police department, district staff and administrators are committed to following the best practices available for maintaining a safe and secure school environment. Parents who have questions or concerns about safety procedures within the district may contact the district office for more information.

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