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Again this year, Herkimer Elementary will focus on a different character trait each month throughout the school year through its “Be.” program. Each month, students are encouraged to “Be” motivated, generous, respectful, or other positive traits.

In September, Herkimer Elementary students are encouraged to “Be Responsible” at school and on the bus. Being responsible means doing the things you are expected to do, and accepting the consequences for your actions.

Parents can encourage responsibility by giving children the opportunity to do their homework on their own, or to complete tasks around the house. Here is a list of household tasks that may be appropriate for school-age children (adapted from A Fine Parent):

  1. Wipe down counters or windows
  2. Sort or put away laundry
  3. Load dishwasher or bring dishes to the counter
  4. Vacuum or sweep a room
  5. Pack lunch
  6. Bring in items from the car
  7. Be responsible for homework
  8. Help purchase gifts for family members or friends
  9. Help prepare or serve dinner
  10. Feed pets or re-fill water dishes
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