Budget Frequently Asked Questions

What is the “tax levy limit?” Does Herkimer exceed it?

The tax levy limit is the highest allowable tax levy that a school district can pass with the approval of a simple majority (50% plus one) of voters. The proposed budget includes a tax levy increase of 2.26% — less than the district’s calculated tax levy limit of 2.3%.

Why are taxes going up if overall spending is down?

While the budget proposal cuts spending by almost 4%, state aid to the district has been cut at double that rate (by more than 8%).

With less state aid, the budget proposal calls for more revenue from local taxes and fund balance to fund district priorities.

What happens if the budget is voted down?

If the proposed budget is defeated on May 21, the board of education can put the same or a revised budget up for a vote in June, or it can immediately adopt a contingent budget. After two unsuccessful budget votes, Herkimer would have to adopt a contingent budget.

A contingent budget would require cutting $200,000, capping administrative expenses, and eliminating some equipment purchases, all non-essential maintenance and all free public use of school facilities.

What is included in the proposed budget?

In addition to maintaining existing programs and services, the proposed budget adds one full-time mental health professional; funds community access to the swimming pool; improves facilities at the elementary school; and expands a part-time physical education teaching position to full-time.

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