Celebrating our eighth-graders

While the move to distance learning was challenging in some ways, our students and teachers found ways to rise to that challenge. Our eighth-grade teachers shared some of the work their students did during distance learning, and put together this video to wish their students well when they come back in the fall as freshmen.

During distance learning, Herkimer eighth-graders found creative ways to complete their assignments. Julian Ruffule created a Flipgrid video starring a fuzzy stuffed animal to showcase some Spanish vocabulary for Mrs. Reppel’s class. For Home and Careers, Althea Brown created a TikTok video showing how to prepare a weeknight dinner, and another student created a “personal logo”:

Artwork showing a student with one hand partially covering their face

Other projects were more traditional, while still impressive. Juleighanna Herringshaw wrote a short story for Mrs. Woodard’s English class, and Mrs. McCutcheon shared some paintings her eighth-graders created:

flowers intertwined

painting of a pink rose

Herkimer logo