Academic eligibility policy to be revised for 2018-19

Beginning with the 2018 fall sports season, the academic eligibility requirements for Herkimer athletes will be slightly different. A public hearing was held at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 1, to review the revised regulation.

Student athletes will still be required to maintain passing grades in their classes in order to be fully eligible for athletic participation. Eligibility status is determined every two-and-a-half weeks based on a student’s grades. Athletes who are not passing all of their courses at this time will be monitored weekly.

Read the full superintendent’s regulation here

As part of this weekly monitoring, teachers use their discretion to rate a student as ineligible (I),  probationary (P), or eligible (E). In a change from last year, however, students will only remain ineligible if they receive an ineligible rating from two or more teachers.

This change in eligibility requirements allows for checks and balances, so that a single class will not continue to prohibit student athletes from returning to participation. These students will still be required to take advantage of academic support to continue participating in the sport.

Parents with questions about this change to academic eligibility requirements can contact Athletic Director Cristi Paragi at (315) 866-8562 or

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