‘Finger Food Feast’ a treat for second-graders

Children wearing paper 'Pilgrim' and 'Indian' hats smile while seated at a cafeteria table

Pilgrims in polka dots and Native Americans in Nikes sat down to a “Finger Food Feast” on Tuesday morning in the Herkimer Elementary School cafeteria.

All five second-grade classes gathered in the cafeteria to nibble on crisp veggies, juicy grapes, mini muffins, doughnut holes and other snacks, all bedecked in paper hats and headdresses to resemble Pilgrims and Native Americans.

“This stuff is yummy!” one boy called out, who pointed to a purple-frosted cupcake as his favorite treat. Other students snacked on olives, pickles, crackers, chips and juice, seated at tables with their friends.

The “feast” is a tradition going back at least 20 years — and one students have been eagerly awaiting, their teachers confirmed. The morning’s snacks were brought in by students to share with their classmates, just as the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared a feast in the 1620s.

Leading up to the feast, second-graders learned about how different life was at that time, and how the Wampanoag and the colonists lived differently. Students also created their own paper hats (for Pilgrims) and headdresses (for Native Americans), and made placemats to bring to the feast.

Herkimer Central School District wishes all of its residents a happy, safe and warm Thanksgiving holiday!