Graduation award winners named

The following students will be honored at Herkimer High School’s 2018 graduation ceremony on June 23:

2018 DAR Good Citizen Award: Alexis Lyga

2018 Elizabeth Ann and Mabel Bond O’Donnell Scholarship: Abigail Weaver

2018 Student Sage Recognition Award (juniors): Ally Kirkpatrick and Maria Humble

A Walter Suiter & Mary Grace Suiter Scholarship: Jenna Vincent

Adirondack Bank “Community Spirit” Award: Sakacia Brown

Anthony M. Enea Memorial Award: Joseph Luppino

Anthony R. George Post Scholarship: Nicole Gallagher

Arion Award (junior): Christopher Cooley

Barbara Gokey Perkins Music Scholarship: Jenna Vincent

Bausch & Lomb Medal (junior): Patrick Parese

Carl Vandelinder Criminal Justice Award: Sakacia Brown

Clarkson University High School Achievement Award (juniors): Patrick Parese and Lyndsey Bass

Class of 1961 Award: Jacob Beach and Emily Jory

Community College of the Air Force Award: Joseph Luppino

David Weaver Memorial Scholarship: Abigail Weaver

Director’s Award Outstanding Senior in Instrumental Music: Tyleek Scafe

Director’s Award Outstanding Senior in Vocal Music: Zachary Polus

Dominick Grande Award: Felicity Boncella

Dr. Samuel Woltag Memorial Award: Tyleek Scafe

East Herkimer Volunteer Fire Department Award: Alexis Lyga and Caleb Volk

Edward & Katherine Snow Memorial Award: Jenna Vincent

Ermatrude Moore Watson Fund: Bailee Berberick

Eva M. Porter Prize: Felicity Boncella

Fame Music Boosters Award (Choir): Zachary Polus

Fame Music Boosters Award (Band): Tyleek Scafe

Footlighters Drama Boosters Club Award: Sakacia Brown and Jenna Vincent

Frederick Douglass & Susan B. Anthony Award (junior): Xander Gage

George Eastman Young Leaders Scholarship (junior): Selena Reinhardt

Gretchen Haller Music Award: Zachary Polus

Herkimer Central School District Board of Education Award: Lyndsey Bass, Kristine Nietes and Nathaniel Polus

Herkimer Citizens’ Athletic Scholarship: Brett Bala and Nicole Gallagher

Herkimer College Hope Scholarship 2018: Mackenzie Adamek, Rebekah Groom, Marissa Johnson, Rebecca Judd, Benjamin Migliore II, Victoria Rose, Danielle Stormes, Caleb Volk, Nicholas Warner and Abigail Weaver

Herkimer County Conference of Mayors: Zaron Marshall

Herkimer County Counselors Association: Rebekah Groom

Herkimer County Music Educator Association Award – Instrumental: Brett Bala

Herkimer County Music Educator Association Award – Vocal: Rebecca Eastwood

Herkimer Elks Lodge Memorial in Honor of Francis O. Gabler: Joseph Perkins

Herkimer Elks Lodge Memorial in Honor of Joan Noonan: Alyssa Ovitt

Herkimer Faculty Association Joseph P. Lidano Scholarship: Savannah Stalteri

Herkimer Faculty Association Award: Amanda Johnson

Herkimer High School Coaches Appreciation Award: Brett Bala and Nicole Gallagher

Herkimer High School Principal’s Award: Brett Bala, Felicity Boncella, Ashley Cady, Nicole Gallagher, Rebekah Groom, Amanda Johnson, Marissa Johnson, Jacob Klock, Alexis Lyga, Todd Maphia, Alyssa Ovitt, Joseph Perkins, Paige Phillips, Zachary Polus, Jenna Vincent, Nicholas Warner and Abigail Weaver.

Herkimer High School Soccer Scholarship: Brett Bala and Rebecca Judd.

Herkimer Permanent Firefighters Benevolent Association Fund Award: Rebecca Judd and Joseph Perkins.

Herkimer Region College & Career Scholarship Foundation Scholarship Award: Alexis Rowe and Mackenzie Adamek.

Herkimer Tool & Machining F. Ellis Green Jr. Memorial Award: Austin Travis

Herkimer Varsity Letter Award: Ashley Cady, Marshall Borek and Marissa Johnson.

Jack M. and Helen C. Smith Scholarship: Jenna Vincent

Jack Smith Plaque: Joseph Perkins

Jamie Burroughs Memorial Scholarship: Alexis Lyga

John Bernier Memorial Award: Wyatt Renshaw

Joseph Aiello Scholarship: Mackenzie Symonds

Kay Turner Ladd Scholarship Fund: Mackenzie Adamek

James Hagen Jr. Prize: Felicity Boncella

Language Club Award: Paige Phillips

LeMoyne College Heights Award (junior): Selena Reinhardt

Marcy G. Ulman Band Award: Kathryn Nellis and Tyleek Scafe

Marcy G. Ulman Student Council Award: Jenna Vincent

Memorial Gift from the Class of 1968: Danielle Stormes

Michael J. Babcock Memorial Award: Nicole Gallagher

Michael Pliseck Post, VFW Auxiliary Award: Natalie Todd

Michael Pliseck Post, VFW Prize (Citizenship/Responsibility): Alexis Lyga

Michael Plisek Post, VFW Prize (Industrial Arts): Daegan Hight

Michael S. Renshaw Memorial Scholarship: Nicole Gallagher, Marissa Johnson, Todd Maphia and Cameron Thompson

Mohawk Valley Towns Bowling Association of New York: Zachary Polus and Victoria Rose

New York State Correctional Officers & Police Benevolent Association Inc. Award: Mackenzie Adamek

New York State Scholarship for Academic Excellence: Felicity Boncella, Zachary Polus, Nicholaus Stallman and Jenna Vincent

Nina’s Legacy Scholarship: Rebekah Groom

Outstanding Vocal Achievement Award: Sakacia Brown, Rebecca Eastwood, Nichole Gallagher, Rebekah Groom, Amanda Johnson, Zachary Polus and Jenna Vincent.

Patrick Gilmore Award: Kathryn Nellis

Polish Community Home Prize: Dacey Flannagan

President’s Education Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement: Rebecca Eastwood, Dacey Flannagan, Robert Hollum, Emily Jory, Benjamin Migliore II, Savannah Stalteri, Danielle Stormes, Brett Bala, Felicity Boncella, Ashley Cady, Nicole Gallagher, Rebekah Groom, Amanda Johnson, Marissa Johnson, Jacob Klock, Alexis Lyga, Todd Maphia, Alyssa Ovitt, Joseph Perkins, Paige Phillips, Zachary Polus, Jenna Vincent, Nicholas Warner and Abigail Weaver.

Progressive Club Award (Art): Savannah Stalteri

Progressive Club Award (Drama): Amanda Johnson

Progressive Club Award (Literature): Paige Phillips

Progressive Club Award (Music): Nicole Gallagher

RPI Medal (junior): Patrick Parese

Ralph D. and Mary F. Moore Prize: Caroline Pontius

Remington Arms Corp. Griffin Jones Award: Bailee Berberick

RIT Computing Medal (junior): Johanna Humble

RIT Creativity & Innovation Award (junior): Lyndsey Bass

Robert G. Stearns Wiernicki Athletic Award (Baseball): Benjamin Migliore II

Robert G. Stearns Wiernicki Athletic Award (Football): Cameron Thompson

Ronnie Smith Memorial Scholarship: Kathryn Nellis

Rotary Youth Leadership Award: Abigail Weaver

Ruth Myers Rosenberg Plaque: Nicole Gallagher and Zachary Polus

Scholarship in Memory of Pearl M. Klock: Mackenzie Adamek

Senior Athletic Award: Brett Bala, Ashley Cady, Rebecca Eastwood, Nicole Gallagher, Marissa Johnson, Emily Jory, Rebecca Judd, Joseph Luppino, Zachary Polus, Savannah Stalteri and Cameron Thompson.

Sisterhood of Temple Beth Joseph Award: Felicity Boncella

Sons of the American Revolution: Savannah Stalteri

St. Michael’s College Book Academic With A Social Conscience Award (junior): Kyle Bixler and Julia Yudchits

Temple Beth Joseph Community Service Award: Nicholas Warner

The Barbara A. Whitney Scholarship: Paige Phillips

The Clemente J. Lamanna Sports Award (Football): Cameron Thompson

The Danny Dunn Scholarship: Nicole Gallagher

The Dorothy Gallo Scholarship & Award: Todd Maphia

The Elsie and Saul Myers Award: Nicole Gallagher

The Jeff Labreche Scholarship Award: Ashley Cady

The John “Corky” McGuire Annual Athlete of the Year Award: Emily Jory and Benjamin Migliore II

The John L. Fallon Jr. Music Award: Nicole Gallagher

The John Philip Sousa Music Award: Brett Bala

The Keuka College – George H. Ball Community Achievement Award (junior): Angelica Zhushma

The Larry Knapp Art Scholarship – Most Improved Art Student: Rebecca Judd

The Larry Knapp Art Scholarship – Outstanding Art Student: Felicity Boncella

The Louis Armstrong Jazz Award: Tyleek Scafe

The Michael R. Malinowski Little League Volunteer Scholarship: Victoria Rose

The Mrs. Roma Viel Memorial Award: Alexis Rowe

The Nicholas J. Trimboli & Bertha L. Trimboli Scholarship & Incentive Award: Paige Phillips

The Paul Kucerak Business Award: Benjamin Migliore II

The Peter Merena Memorial Scholarship Fund: Caleb Volk

The Phyllis T. Curtin Memorial Scholarship: Jasmine Mordarski

The William E. Busacker Memorial Scholarship: Mackenzie Adamek

The William E. Whitehill Jr. Scholarship: Alexis Rowe

Third Degree, Knights of Columbus Prize: Emily Jory

Town and Village Highway Superintendents Association of Herkimer County Award: Marshall Borek and Daegan Hight

Utica College Scholarship: Ashley Cady

Utica Dollars for Scholars – Mele Family Fund: Nicole Gallagher

Wayne Zawtocki Memorial Scholarship: Nicole Gallagher

Women of the Moose Award: Nicole Gallagher

Woody Herman Award: Brett Bala

Ye Green Quill Award: Nicole Gallagher

Zawtocki-Yavornitzki Family Scholarship: Nicole Gallagher and Zachary Polus.

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