Graphics students try hand at sketch notes

Students sketch at a table

A group of Herkimer High School students got the chance to draw, doodle and design while taking notes during class recently as they experimented with a process called “sketch notes.”

Watch a video: What is sketchnoting?

Sketchnoting is a process of taking notes that uses visual elements such as drawings, graphics, boxes and visually impactful text to process and synthesize information. Research shows that people retain up to 29 percent more information using this approach to note-taking.

Mr. Orilio shared some of his notes from a recent conference he attended

“Instead of just writing down your teacher’s words, you’re turning that information into something that you can understand and relate to,” technology coordinator Ryan Orilio explained to Heather McCutcheon’s Graphics class during a recent presentation.

After trying their hand at sketchnoting, students watched a 10-minute video about 3D printing, and took some “sketch notes” while they watched.

Mrs. McCutcheon said she tried out the technique with her students in hopes that they would really grasp the concepts outlined in the video. The exercise, she noted, is also good practice for her students, who are learning to express themselves visually.

“It’s important for them to understand how to get their ideas across visually,” McCutcheon explained. “It’s all tied together.”

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