Acceptable Use of Technology

Generally, the same standards of acceptable student conduct which apply to any school activity shall apply to use of the District’s technology. This policy does not attempt to articulate all required and/or acceptable uses of the district’s technology, nor is it the intention of the District’s policy to define all inappropriate usage.

District students shall also adhere to the laws, policies and rules governing computers including, but not limited to, copyright laws, rights of software publishers, license agreements, and student rights of privacy created by federal and state law.

Students who engage in unacceptable use may lose access to District technology  in accordance with applicable due process procedures, and may be subject to further discipline under the Code of Conduct. The District reserves the right to pursue legal action against a student who willfully, maliciously or unlawfully damages or destroys property of the District. Further, the District may bring suit in civil court against the parents/guardians of any student who willfully, maliciously or unlawfully damages or destroys District property pursuant to General Obligations Law Section 3-112.

Student data files and other electronic storage areas will be treated like school lockers. This means that such areas shall be considered to be District property subject to control and inspection. The Computer Coordinator may access all such files and communications without prior notice to ensure system integrity and that users are complying with the requirements of this policy and accompanying regulations. Students should NOT expect that information stored on the District computer network will be private.

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