Pursuant to Section 104.1 of the Commissioner’s Regulation, school districts are required to adopt and implement a Comprehensive Student Attendance Policy. A complete copy of the district’s attendance policy is available upon your request. The Junior/Senior High School portion appears in the “District Policy” section of this handbook. In addition, parents are required to meet with school officials once a student reaches a threshold of 10 absences in a single school year.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to leave a message on the nurse’s voice mail, 866-2230, extension 1322, when you know your child will be absent. When a child returns to school, they must have an excuse signed by their parent or guardian.

Health Policies

Visit the Health Services page for more information about physical and dental exam requirements, medication policy, accident reports, head lice policy and immunizations.

Physical Education

State law provides that all students in grades K-12 in all elementary and secondary schools receive physical education instruction, in accordance with NYS Regents and Commissioner’s requirements. Each student in grades 7-12 must be enrolled in Physical Education every semester, and successfully complete two credits to qualify for graduation.

Students must wear the following clothing in PE classes: Sneakers, shirt, sweatsuit (in cold weather), socks, shorts, bathing suit (in pool).

Students with a medical excuse will be required to complete alternate assignment(s) to earn physical education credit during their excused period of participation.

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