Home-School Communications

Homework Requests

It is recommended that parents request homework when they contact the school to report a child’s absence. If you plan to pick up homework at the end of the school day, please request it before 9:30 a.m. so that the teacher(s) have time to compile the work. It may not be possible to have the homework ready by the end of the day if the request is made after 9:30 a.m.

Parents and the school share the responsibility for student learning. Parents can assist their children with homework by:

  • providing a study area free of distractions and with good lighting
  • asking questions about the content of student homework
  • giving requested assistance, but letting the student do his or her own work
  • avoiding undue pressure
  • helping create a “homework habit,” at the same time each day

Homework is essential and an integral part of the educational program. Parents should encourage and monitor homework assignments. The School Tool Parent Portal may be used to monitor students’ grades. A link to this portal is available on the district website. Parents must sign up for access and must provide a valid email address to access the account.

Open House

Open House in an opportunity for parents to meet their child’s teachers and learn about curriculum, course requirements, and preferred communication methods. It is typically scheduled in the fall, and is a meet and greet event. Teachers will not have time to conduct individual conferences at this time.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher conferences can be scheduled by calling the child’s teacher. When a parent would like to have a conference with ALL of the student’s teachers, the Guidance Office can set the appointment up for you. Please call them at 866-2230, ext. 1318.

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