Student Policies


Herkimer Central School District enrolls all students who meet the age, residency, and public health requirements established by New York State law. More information is available on the district’s Enrollment page.

Destruction of School Property

Students who destroy school property will be responsible for reimbursing the district for the cost. This includes, but is not limited to, books, calculators, lockers, paper towel holders, soap dispensers, toilet paper holders, classroom equipment, and bus seats. Checks should be made payable to the Herkimer Central School District.


Textbooks are an important part of the instructional program and are costly for the district. Please insist that your child takes care of those textbooks loaned to him/her for the year. The cost of any textbook deliberately damaged will be passed on to the parents.

Field Trips

Students will not be allowed to go on any field trips without written permission from their parents. Classroom teachers will provide details regarding each field trip in advance.

For students who require the administration of medication during the course of a field trip, in the absence of the school nurse or the parent/guardian, a parent/guardian may authorize another adult to administer medication to their child (Education Law 6908). An authorization form is available through the school nurse.

Teachers will notify parents, in advance, if they are considering not allowing their child to attend a field trip due to behavioral concerns. Field trips are considered a privilege for students, and discipline referrals may result in a loss of this privilege. Teachers will make arrangements for those students to continue their academics at school and those students should be sent to school on the day of the trip.

Chaperones include employees of the district. Parent chaperones are permitted only in extraordinary circumstances, and must adhere to the same rules as the students.

Cell Phones/Electronic Devices

The use of personal electronic devices is permitted when supplementing the educational environment. When the use of personal electronic devices detracts from the educational environment that privilege will be revoked. Chromebooks are available for student use during school hours; students do not need to have their own personal device for academic success. The school district is not responsible for lost or stolen property.

Parents should not expect their children to respond to calls or texts during the school day. If a message needs to get to a student, parents should call the main office to leave the message.

Cafeteria Services

The district contracts with BOCES food services to provide breakfast and lunch to our students. Delivery from outside vendors is not permitted during school hours, unless sponsored by a school organization with the permission of the principal.

Students in grades 7-10 are to remain on campus during lunch. Weather permitting, students may be supervised in the outdoor area immediately outside the cafeteria.

Cafeteria Procedures

When bell rings to begin lunch, students should go to their lockers and get everything that is needed during lunch period. If planning on going outside on cool days, bring appropriate attire with you to the cafeteria. No one will be allowed to return to lockers except with permission of teacher/staff in charge.

When purchasing lunch in the cafeteria, students should enter serving lines from the hall area, not from the sitting area.

When in cafeteria, speak in a normal voice and do not shout or make unnecessary noise.

Every student should clean his or her area before leaving the cafeteria.

If going outside for recess, supervision is required. The behavior guidelines set forth by the lunch monitors must be followed including:
do not take milk cartons or food outside,
do not throw objects, remain in the designated area outside the cafeteria, away from the parking lot and the creek.

Free and Reduced-Price Food Services

Herkimer Central School District participates in the federally funded school nutrition program. More information is available on the Food Menus page.

Employment of Students

Students under 18 who are interested in working papers may pick up applications in the
Main Office, or download the form for working papers. A current physical (within the last year) is required as part of the application process.

Despite the attraction of having a part-time job after school hours, students should give careful thought to the amount of time and energy such a job can demand. Students should remember that school responsibilities always take precedence over such jobs.

Study Halls

Study halls are an opportunity for students to be academically productive. Students who wish to sign out of study hall to make up work or class with another teacher should present a pre-signed pass for this purpose. A limited number of students may sign up for use of the library during study hall, or sign out on an Honor’s Pass.

Restricted Study Hall may be assigned for students who are failing one or more courses. Students who get assigned to a restricted study hall will have limited privileges, and may only sign out of study hall with a pass from a teacher who is helping them with work.

After-School Activities

Homework help is available after school Monday-Thursday. Licensed Teaching Assistants provide assistance and supervision for this activity. Participating students must come with schoolwork and are expected to behave appropriately, or they may be removed or suspended from participation.

Students who stay after school for structured homework help, lessons, or any school sponsored extracurricular activities must sign in with the teacher supervising them, and indicate whether the late bus will be utilized. Only students who live beyond the school’s walking limits and who participate in a school sponsored activity may use late bus transportation.