Lead test results received for high school

Results came back Friday from tests conducted at Herkimer High School in October to determine the lead levels of water outlets that could be used for drinking.

Of the 137 outlets in the high school, 40 outlets in 10 locations showed lead levels above 15 parts per billion (ppb), the “action level” set by New York state. All but one — a kettle in the cafeteria kitchen — were sinks. No drinking fountains tested above the action level.

Per state law, all outlets with levels above 15 ppb are being labeled to notify students and staff that they are not to be used for drinking water. The cafeteria kitchen kettle, which was not in use, has been taken offline. Some outlets may be taken out of service while remediation is under way.

Details of the test results can be found on the district’s Lead Testing page.

The district takes this issue very seriously and is committed to providing a safe environment for students and staff. District officials are working to remediate the affected outlets. More detailed information about remediation will be posted as it becomes available. Additional testing will be conducted after remediation measures are taken, and results will be made public from those tests when the results are available.

Testing was conducted in September at Herkimer Elementary School. Results from those tests are also available on the district’s Lead Testing page.

For more information, contact the superintendent’s office at (315) 866-2230, ext. 1302, or email rmiller@herkimercsd.org.

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