‘Magician’s Assistant’ podcast offers tips for teachers

Teachers’ busy schedules leave little time for them to be learners. But today’s 21st-century classrooms feature a lot of high-tech tools that take some getting used to.

Enter the Model Schools program — a BOCES service that helps schools incorporate technology into the classroom effectively.

Just as Herkimer students are being given more chances to learn in their own style and at their own speed, Herkimer teachers can learn from Model Schools specialist Derek Lalonde in a way that fits their schedule and their needs.

Derek is in Herkimer three days a week to help teachers one-on-one with whatever they need, from getting to know their smartboard or Chromebook, to brainstorming ways to put a 21st-century twist on an existing lesson plan.

In addition to working directly with teachers, Derek co-hosts a podcast titled “The Magician’s Assistant” with technology coordinator Ryan Orilio, offering tips for teachers and talking to faculty about how they integrate tech into the classroom. He also sends out tips via email, and shares his calendar so teachers can schedule time to work with him.

The idea, Derek says, is to make sure all teachers have a way to get comfortable with whatever technology they want to use in the classroom — no matter how busy their schedules are.

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