Meet Jenny

Black dog in a classroom

The Herkimer Central School District Spotlight showcases student, graduate and staff member successes. And, sometimes, dogs. If you know someone who should be in the Spotlight, please fill out this Spotlight nomination form.

Jenny is Mrs. Treen’s canine assistant in Room 150.

Jenny gave this interview through her owner and translator, Mrs. Treen. You can follow Jenny on Instagram at @thejennydog.aged

How long have you been with the district? What inspired you to become a classroom dog? 

I have been coming to Herkimer with Mrs. Treen since February 2019. I’m here to help the Animal Science students learn more about animals, and to make new friends.

What do you love about being at Herkimer?

I love getting attention from Mrs. Treen’s students, and greeting everyone I see in the hallway when I get to school in the morning. I also enjoy eating doorstops — there aren’t too many sticks inside the school, so I have to make due with what I can find.

What advice would you give to Herkimer students?

Always keep your tail wagging, and stay positive.

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