Photo project spotlights “Humans of Herkimer”

Herkimer High School New Media students are zooming in on the details that surround them for a photo project on “Humans of Herkimer”

The assignment was inspired in part by the popular “Humans of New York” photo series, and also by photographic portraits that portray their subject without showing the person’s face.

While being photographed for the “Humans of Herkimer” project, high school principal Mrs. Tomaso said the work is a way to highlight the stories behind the people students see every day at school.

“If we know someone’s story, it gives us a way to connect with them,” Mrs. Tomaso explained.

Students were asked to interview the subjects of their photos, to get to know them better, and to think of different ways to portray that person’s personality, interests or identities in photographs.

To bring greater focus to their subjects, some photos were taken against a plain black backdrop with studio-style lighting. Others were environmental portraits, showcasing students at home or doing something they love. Many photos focused on the subject’s hands: holding a coffee mug, a paintbrush, a baseball or a camera.

The project aims not only to give New Media students the chance to hone their skills as photographers and artists, but also to celebrate the students and teachers of Herkimer Jr./Sr. High School — their personalities, their passions, their quirks and the things that make them who they are.

Mrs. McCutcheon said her students are working on plans to have their photos displayed in the school so that students, teachers and visitors can all get to know the “Humans of Herkimer” a little better.

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