Reading program kicks off with camping theme

Wall display with text that reads, Camp Out with a Good Book

Herkimer Elementary students are getting ready to “Camp Out with a Good Book” this month.

The school’s annual Pick A Reading Partner (PARP) program kicked off on Monday, as students coming in to school were greeted with displays and decorations showcasing this year’s camping theme.

According to the New York State PTA website, PARP is a program that asks adults to read with children for at least 20 minutes a day with a focus on reading for fun.

“The daily activity of reading together strengthens reading and communication skills in the child and strengthens their relationship,” the website states.

At Herkimer, Principal Renee Vogt said she hopes the program helps instill a love of learning in her students.

“We want them to see that reading isn’t just schoolwork — that they can pick up something and read it for fun,” Mrs. Vogt explained.

Camp chairs and a mock campfire

Throughout the second half of March, Herkimer students will be encouraged to track their reading minutes and share the results with their teachers. Each teacher will track the class’s minutes on displays outside their classroom doors so that everyone can see their progress.

On March 28, HES will host “Camp Out with a Good Book,” a celebration of reading that will include activities and prizes for students.

Although the camp-out will signal the end of this year’s PARP program, Mrs. Vogt said she hopes students will keep on reading long after the program wraps up.

“This is just to ignite an interest in reading,” Mrs. Vogt said, “but we hope that interest will continue.”

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