School contact tracing/quarantine flowcharts and example seating charts

Herkimer County Public Health has updated (on Nov. 1, 2021) its guidance for schools that includes contact tracing/quarantine flowcharts for how they should respond to cases where students and staff have exposed to COVID-19. The guidance also includes seating chart examples for classrooms and busses.

The flowcharts give examples of how schools should respond to positive cases in the classroom involving staff and students, and what steps schools should follow for positive cases in the lunchroom, on the bus, and during inside sporting events.

An exposure in the classroom first asks the question: “was the student within 6 feet of the positive case for 15 minutes or more over 24 hours?” If not, no quarantine is recommended. If the answer was “yes,” then being fully vaccinated and being symptomatic are taken into consideration. If the student is not vaccinated, the next step is dependent on the person being symptomatic. If the answer is “yes,” then quarantine and testing is recommended.

The nine-page document is available on the Herkimer County Public Health website under “documents” on the bottom right of the page. 

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