Science lesson takes to the track

“Boom, boom, boom, boom!”

That’s what Mrs. Nare’s first-graders heard through their stethoscopes after running three laps around the track on a beautiful fall morning.

This wasn’t recess, but a science lesson. In first grade, students learn about how plants and animals survive, grow and meet their needs. After several lessons about the systems of the body, Mrs. Nare took her students outside to put their learning in practice.

Students walk along a track

Students stood socially distant along the track to listen carefully to their own hearts, to compare the difference after first running, then walking, around the track.

Mrs. Nare, who runs on the track often as she trains for a half-marathon, said it was good to get the kids outside.

“They always want to run with me, so today they can,” she said as her students took off for another lap.

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