Phone Systems

Our telephone system at Herkimer CSD is installed and maintained by Cornerstone Telephone. We utilize a combination of analog and VOIP systems to ensure that classrooms and offices are connected reliably. Please find the appropriate resources for Herkimer CSD staff for using and making the most of the phone in your classroom.

Should you have issues with your telephone, please submit a technology work order in Que-Ware.


  • Park Call:  *96
  • Retrieve Parked Call:  *97
  • Activate Do Not Disturb (phone rings right to voicemail):  *78
  • Deactivate Do Not Disturb:  *79
  • Automatic Recall:  *69 and 1
  • Group Call Pickup:  *311
  • Dial Voicemail:  *15
  • Listen to Message(s): Press 1
  • Save a Message: Press 2
  • Delete a Message: Press 3
  • Change Mailbox Settings: Press 4
  • Go Back to Previous Menu: Press *
  • To Finish: Press #


You can check your voicemail from any district phone. Dial your extension number and press the * key at the voicemail prompt. Enter your PIN when prompted to access your messages.

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