Student Council recognizes outstanding teachers, students

Each month, Herkimer Jr./Sr. High School Student Council members select a Teacher of the Month, and Students of the Month. Below are this year’s honorees:


  • September: Mrs. Smith
  • October: Ms. Elias
  • November: Mr. Watkins
  • December: Mrs. McCutcheon
  • January: Mr. Zaleski
  • February: Mr. Steele
  • March: Mr. Sheldon
  • April: Mrs. Zorn
  • May: Mr. Murphy
  • June: Mrs. Jones


  • September (student leaders): Jenna Vincent and Brett Bala
  • October (fall athletes): Rebecca Judd and Ben Migliore
  • November (academic role models): Joe Perkins and Felicity Boncella
  • December (most active in the community): Victoria Rose and Zach Polus
  • January (student musicians): Rebekah Groom and Tyleek Scafe
  • February (winter athletes): Cameron Thompson and Ashley Cady
  • March (students involved in the musical production): Todd Maphia and Paige Phillips
  • April (student artists): Allan LaPone and Savannah Stalteri
  • May (spring athletes): Danielle Storms and Austin Travis
  • June (super heroes): Caleb Volk and Nicole Gallagher
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