Students build ‘monsters’ in Google Hangout activity

A cardboard 'monster' with students in the background

Herkimer Elementary fourth-graders got to play Dr. Frankenstein in a recent Halloween-themed activity.

Students in Mrs. Jacobs’ and Mrs. Knowlton’s third-grade classes used Google Hangouts to interact with students in Texas and in Copenhagen, N.Y. for an activity that taught writing, communication skills and problem-solving.

The Google Hangout technology allows classrooms to conduct a two-way video chat. Before the hangout, each class designed monsters, and wrote instructions on how they were created. The classrooms exchanged instructions and then tried to follow each other’s plans to re-create the same monsters.

In Mrs. Knowlton’s class, students worked to re-create a three-dimensional “monster” built from cardboard by a group of students in Copenhagen. Mrs. Jacobs’ class followed the directions from a classroom in Texas, where students made “yarn monsters,” tracing the outline of a piece of yarn to form the shape for their drawings.

The activity was developed with help from Model Schools coordinator Derek LaLonde. The Model Schools program helps teachers integrate technology into their classrooms.

According to Derek, the program helped students learn how to articulate directions, and gave them a chance to connect with a new audience of fellow students.

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