Students create Lego Star Wars videos

Herkimer High School juniors got to play with Legos on Wednesday, Feb. 16, as part of a computer science exploration independent study.

The group of four juniors meets once every four-day cycle with technology coordinator Ryan Orilio to explore computer technologies.

On Wednesday, Orilio and his students used Lego figures to stage and film stop-motion animation videos.

“We’ve done a little bit of coding, we’ve done some media creation, we’ve done some 3D printing, we’ve experimented with augmented reality,” Orilio explained. “The next thing will be virtual reality.”

Orilio said the students are doing research now to build toward creating independent projects.

“We’re getting our feet wet now, getting the students to think about different technologies,” Orilio said. “Then they’re going to design something. They’re going to create something that offers a solution to a problem.”

Orilio said the independent study came about when the students approached Principal Mary Tomaso to ask for more opportunities to work with computers and technology.

“It’s a student-led effort,” Orilio said.

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