“Be. Fair” certificates awarded

Students in Halloween costumes hold up certificates with the principal

Herkimer Elementary students were recognized at the end of October for demonstrating how to be fair.

Each month, the school highlights a different character trait, such as fairness, gratitude or responsibility. Throughout the month, students hear messages about how to “Be” fair, thankful or responsible. October’s theme was “Be. Fair,” and at the end of the month, several students received awards recognizing them for demonstrating how to be fair.

Students hold up certificates with the principal

“Always ready to take turns and let others join in!” read the certificates some students received. On other certificates, teachers wrote personal messages describing what the student had done to earn the certificate, like being cooperative, careful and respectful, or being kind to friends and playing well with others.

The “Be.” theme for November is “Be. Thankful.” More about being thankful and showing gratitude can be found in the November newsletter.

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