Students solve math puzzle via Google Hangout

Students seated in a classroom look at a large screen where another student is speaking

Students in Melissa White’s class at Herkimer Elementary School had fun recently solving a math puzzle via Google Hangouts with support from technology coordinator Ryan Orilio.

The “Mystery Number Puzzle” paired Herkimer fourth-graders with students from Clinton Elementary via video chat. Students in each class worked together, testing their knowledge of math concepts to ask the other class questions about a “mystery number.”

Google Hangouts is one of the tools available to teachers and students through the Google for Education “suite” of web-based programs. The suite includes Google Classroom, a web-based platform for teachers and students to communicate.

According to Orilio, activities such as the “Mystery Number Puzzle” not only reinforce classroom lessons, they help teach students to be global citizens by connecting them with students from schools around the area, the country or the world. A previous Google Hangout at Herkimer Elementary paired Mrs. Olds’ fourth-graders with a class in Rhode Island.

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