HHS students to take home Chromebooks

Herkimer Central School District will be providing Chromebook laptop computers to high school students starting in December. Students in 10th through 12th grades will each be assigned a Chromebook and will be responsible for that device for the remainder of the school year.

The rollout will begin with Grade 12 in December. Tenth- and 11th-graders will receive their Chromebooks after winter break. All other students will continue to have access to Chromebooks in the classroom. The initiative is part of an effort to create a learning environment where each student has access to a computer.

Students in 10th, 11th and 12th grades can use these devices inside of and outside of school for classwork and for homework. The Chromebooks can still be used even when Internet access is not available. Students can also borrow Internet “hot spots” from the library to use with their Chromebooks.

To use the school-issued Chromebooks, students will have to sign in with their Herkimer Google account. This limits student access to inappropriate content and prevents the devices from being accessed by unauthorized users. Students will be expected to turn in the device if they leave the district or when they graduate.

For more information, contact Technology Coordinator Ryan Orilio at rorilio@herkimercsd.org.

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