Tests show lead levels below federal limits

Recent test results showed that a majority of water outlets tested in the Herkimer Central School District meet federal standards for safe lead levels, and one outlet that tested with higher levels is being replaced.

“The district is very pleased with the results of this testing,” Superintendent Robert J. Miller said. “It confirms that our water is safe for our school community.”

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Herkimer CSD receives its water from the village of Herkimer, and annual testing has consistently revealed that the water quality is free from any harmful levels of contaminants. The district conducted voluntary testing within the school buildings to confirm that the lead levels are below the Environmental Protection Agency’s action level of 0.20 milligrams per liter.

One of the 24 samples taken — a faucet in the high school cafeteria — showed lead levels above the EPA threshold. The faucet has been taken out of service, and the district is replacing it with a new, lead-free fixture.

The district has conducted follow-up testing, in accordance with the testing protocol, to confirm that the lead levels at the cafeteria faucet are below the EPA action level. Results are pending.

“We are committed to future testing to assure that this quality and safety are maintained,” Miller said.

Testing is coordinated by the Safety Service of Herkimer-Fulton-Hamilton-Otsego BOCES and completed by Life Science Laboratories of Syracuse.

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