Building upgrades continue throughout district

Work is continuing through the fall on Herkimer Central School District’s $10.4 million capital project, but students have already been enjoying many of the upgrades already in place.

Media centers in both school buildings have been completely renovated with an eye toward collaborative, project-based learning. A redesigned entryway and main office space at the high school are also complete, and driveway improvements and roofing repairs were conducted during the summer.

Renovations of the wood and metal shop, and the creation of a STEM lab adjacent to the shop space, are complete, but work continues as the district installs energy-efficient LED lighting.

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New plumbing fixtures are being installed in the high school boys’ locker room and in several bathrooms, in accordance with new state requirements for lead testing. Also scheduled to be completed by the end of summer are upgrades to the tennis courts, the high school gym floor and stadium lighting.

In addition, the district has submitted an application for a Smart Schools bond to fund technological upgrades to building security and student technology.

The Smart Schools Bond Act  is an initiative to finance educational technology and infrastructure, providing students access to the latest technology and connectivity needed to succeed and compete in the global economy.

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