What is art? Students take over social media to answer

Art teacher Heather McCutcheon recently led a social media “takeover” of Herkimer Central School District’s newly launched Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

To mark Arts in Education Week, which ran from Sept. 11-17, students in the elementary and jr./sr. high schools were asked the question, “What is art?” Their answers were posted to the district’s social media pages, where you can also see a video capturing the students’ responses.

“I like theater because you become someone else,” one high school student responded.

“I love art because the art teacher is so nice, and I LOVE art!” answered Claire, a fourth-grader.

A senior defined art as “something designed by a person that makes another person think, or elicit an emotion toward the piece.” Others defined art as “emptying your mind,” “one’s own imagination” or simply “life.”

To join the conversation, tag #BecauseOfArtEd or #ArtsInEducation on social media.

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