Emergency School Closings and Delays

Our automated telephone service will automatically call the primary phone number that parents have provided to notify of any change in the daily school schedule.  Please make every effort to keep the main office informed of any change to this primary telephone number.

Delayed Start

The district aims to get notice of a delayed start to local radio and TV stations prior to 7 a.m. (see below). In the event of a delay, bus stop times would be moved one or two hours ahead from normally scheduled times.

Emergency School Closings

In the event of an early dismissal, teachers refer to the School Information Sheets. If there are any changes to this information, please contact your child’s teacher and the main office as soon as possible.

Local Media

Notices of delayed start or emergency closing will be relayed to the following stations:

  • KISS—102.5 FM
  • K-ROCK—94.9 FM
  • News 10 NOW—Channel 10
  • WARM—93.5 FM
  • WBGK—99.7 FM
  • WBUG—101.1 FM
  • WFRG—104.3 FM
  • WIBX—950 AM
  • WKTV—Channel 2
  • WLFH—1230 AM
  • WLZW—98.7 FM
  • WOUR—96.9 FM
  • WRCK—107 FM
  • WRUN—1150 AM
  • WSKS—97.9 FM
  • WSKU—105.5 FM
  • WTVH—Channel 5
  • WUTQ—1550 AM
  • WVTL—1570 AM
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