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District Office

Robert J. Miller, Superintendent of Schools
(315) 866-2230, ext. 1302 

Regina Frasier, District Treasurer
(315) 866-2230, ext. 1303

Cristi Paragi, Athletic Director
(315) 866-2230, ext. 1012

Ryan Orilio, Technology Coordinator
(315) 866-2230, ext. 1333

Michelle Ploss, Director of Student Programs and Curriculum
McKenny-Vento Homeless Liaison / Foster Child Point of Contact
(315) 866-2230, ext. 1001

Jessica Tehan, CPSE/CSE Chairperson
(315) 866-2230, ext. 1002

Transportation Office (Birnie Bus)
(315) 895-4150, ext. 221

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