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The Business Office at Herkimer CSD is responsible for oversight and management of district finances that are needed to support the educational mission.

Herkimer Central School District 2024-25 budget approved:

Herkimer Central School District residents overwhelmingly approved the district’s $33,932,756 budget for the 2024-25 school year on Tuesday, May 21, with a vote of 179-32.

“Thank you to the Herkimer school community for coming out and supporting our school and our students by approving this budget,” Herkimer Superintendent Kathleen Carney said. “The budget maintains all programs and staff while staying under the district’s tax levy limit, so we believe we put forth the best option for both our students and our community.”

The budget is a 3.53% increase from the 2023-24 spending plan. It includes a tax levy increase of 1.75%, which is below Herkimer’s tax levy limit of 3.27%, as calculated using the state’s formula. The district has been under the levy limit for 13 of the 14 years since the limit’s inception in 2012-13, and the one year over the limit was a 0% increase.

The budget includes additional speech services at the Elementary School and instructional support at the Jr./Sr. High School through adding a licensed teaching assistant and academic support teacher. The district will continue to seek qualified teachers to fill vacant positions including special education teachers.

Another proposition on the ballot was approved when residents voted 177-32 to authorize the creation of a capital reserve fund of up to $5 million over 10 years to help fund future capital improvements. The capital reserve will be funded annually with unallocated fund balance and other reserves as determined by the Board of Education.

Voters also re-elected Herkimer Central School District Board of Education member Michele Gilbert to a three-year term on the board with 186 votes.

Additionally, district residents voted 181-31 to approve the Frank J. Basloe Public Library’s proposed tax levy of $360,921 to fund the library’s annual budget and elected Jane Kelly Guzewich to a five-year term on the library Board of Trustees with 188 votes. There were a few write-in votes for the district’s Board of Education and library’s Board of Trustees with nobody receiving more than one vote.

To download the 2024-25 budget newsletter, click here.

2024-25 budget newsletter cover

To download the 2024-25 budget calendar, click here.

2024-25 budget at a glance:

  • Maintains student programs and services.
  • Is a 3.53% increase from the 2023-24 budget.
  • Carries a 1.75% tax levy increase, which is under the calculated levy limit. The district has been under the levy limit for 13 of the 14 years since its inception.

Highlights included in the 2024-25 budget:

Districtwide highlights:


  • Fully fund phase one of a five-year replacement plan for classroom technology
  • Upgrade network infrastructure and access points


  • Maintain Connected Community School program established in 2023-24
  • Sustain enrichment opportunities and mental health services


  • Provide additional interscholastic opportunities, including wrestling and boys tennis

Support services:

  • Proceed with year four of five-year  transportation contract
  • Continue free breakfast and lunch through Community Eligibility Provision
  • Replace utility vehicle (UTV) for grounds maintenance


  • Upgrade and replace security cameras


  • Make electrical and general repairs at Harmon Field
  • Replace aging classroom furniture
Elementary highlights:
  • Maintain all existing staff and programs
  • Sustain smaller class sizes
  • Increase contracted speech services
  • Continue R4K (Ready 4 Kindergarten) program at prekindergarten level
Secondary highlights:
  • Sustain enrichment opportunities, social emotional supports and academic programming
  • Add a full-time licensed teaching assistant for instructional support
  • Expand academic support program
  • Continue off-campus programming including CTE, VP-TECH and Project Lead the Way

Budget Q&A

What is included in the budget?

In addition to maintaining existing programs and services, the budget includes highlights in the areas of safety, programs, support services, technology, hiring for unfilled positions, adding a full-time licensed teaching assistant and more.

What capital improvements are planned in the 2024-25 budget?

There is $450,000 budgeted in the transfer to capital line of the budget, and there are two phases of work planned for these funds.

First, the district will utilize $100,000 to replace aging flooring and do other related work in the Jr./Sr. High School. The district has traditionally completed these $100,000 projects to address health, safety and technology needs in our school buildings. These projects are authorized by the state to receive building aid in the following year, unlike traditional capital projects, which are reimbursed over time.

The remaining $350,000 is a one-time appropriation to address minor sitework and infrastructure needs at the newly acquired Harmon Field and Harmon Park, to provide improved storage for maintenance equipment and to complete other related work.

This funding will come directly from fund balance and will receive building aid over the traditional 15-20 years depending on how it is classified by the state. The district currently receives reimbursement of approximately 83% for approved capital expenditures.


Capital reserve fund

During the school budget vote, residents approved authorizing the district to create a capital reserve fund of up to $5 million over 10 years.

Capital reserve funds established and utilized through voter approval are used to maintain the district’s buildings and grounds. The district has used these types of reserves for the last several projects.

In January 2024, voters approved the use of $5 million from the capital reserves established in 2017 and 2022 for Capital Project 2024, which is currently in the design phase.

The district proposed the establishment of the new 2024 capital reserve to help fund future capital improvements.

The apital reserve will be funded annually with unallocated fund balance and other reserves as determined by the Board of Education.




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