ParentSquare at Herkimer CSD

Herkimer Central School District uses ParentSquare to communicate with parents.

Visit the ParentSquare website

Communications send via ParentSquare may include:

  • news and reminders from the district or school
  • urgent alerts such as school cancellations, early dismissal or delayed start
  • messages from your child’s teacher

The school will send an invitation email or text to join ParentSquare. Parents can click the link to activate their account. Parents can also register for ParentSquare through the ParentSquare app:

The ParentSquare app allows parents to:

  • control how and when they receive notifications from the school;
  • update contact information, such as email addresses or phone numbers;
  • send and receive messages from teachers and other staff;
  • review and comment on information shared by the school or district; and
  • translate communications into a preferred language.

Learn more about getting started with ParentSquare here: ParentSquare Information for Parents and Students

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