Artwork from Herkimer students part of Mohawk Valley “Reflections” show

Pieces by seniors Riley Crandall (upper right) and Savannah Davis (right) are a part of the show, along with an oil painting by teacher Leah Zorn (left).

The artwork of multiple students from Herkimer is part of a show entitled “Reflections” at Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts that runs through March 14. The show features about 65 pieces of artwork from teachers and students around the area.

The theme of the show is “reflection,” and teacher Heather McCutcheon says that the works depict what we learn from each other. The show also coincides with Herkimer County Youth Art Month, which takes place in March.

“This event gives young artists an opportunity to show their work outside of the school environment and inspires other artists of all ages,” McCutcheon said. “Art is a positive way for students to express themselves.”

Senior Bailey Harrer – who has clay incense piece in the show – called it an honor to be included.

“It’s special to be picked and to be able to see my piece on display,” she said.

Carlie Gross also called it an honor to have a piece displayed. Gross’ mixed media piece is called “Sun-kissed Flowers.”

“I’m really excited to be able to go see it,” she said.

The gallery is open noon to 4 p.m. Thursday through Saturday.

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