Bella Denapole named Art Student of the Month for December

The Art Student of the Month for December is Bella Denapole! Bella is in 12th grade, and she was chosen as Student of the Month by Mrs. Leah Zorn because of her diligence and determination in the classroom. Bella consistently uses her class time well, and over the past four months, her creativeness and art-making skills have improved tremendously. Below is an interview with Bella.


1. How does it feel to be Art Student of the Month?

I’m honored that my work stuck out enough to Mrs. Zorn.


2. What are your favorite art-making materials to work with?

I liked working with pencils and the grid method for drawing.


3. Do you have any artworks that you are particularly proud of?

I am proud of the grid method drawing (the owl in pencil) because the feathers were hard to replicate, but I think I did a good job on them, overall.


4. Where do you find inspiration from when you are creating your own artwork?

I’m not inspired by any particular artist or style while creating my own artwork. However, I usually look at reference images, such as the owl or Rapunzel.


5. What are your plans after high school?  Do you plan on continuing to create art in the future?

After high school, I plan to go to college to learn about careers in the medical field, although I’m not exactly sure which career to pursue yet. At the beginning of the school year, Mrs. Zorn said that almost anything can be considered art, so I’ll always create art in some form or another.


6. Do you have any advice for your peers about the art-making process?

Don’t try to copy your classmates or another artist’s work. Create something original for yourself and who you are as an artist.


Bella Denapole artwork




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