Fill Your Bowl Project keeps art students creating

A student sits at a table and paints a bowl.As a way to keep art students at Herkimer Jr./Sr. High School creating, teacher Heather McCutcheon wrote a grant to Stewarts as part of their Holiday March Grant program called “Filling Your Bowl.” The district received the grant in April.

Each student who participates receives a pre-made ceramic bowl, glaze, and brush. Students then glaze the pieces at home and bring them in to fire in the art room’s kiln.

“The purpose of this project is to keep kids inspired and creating during these times,” McCutcheon said. “We do not have an art club this year and some students did not get art classes, so this is good.”

This project is open to 6-12 grade students, and about 60 have already signed up. The first 40 students received a bowl and a gift card for an ice cream sundae.

Also, in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, some teachers received bowls after being recognized by students.

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