Food Allergies

All food service establishments must post a food allergen notice for staff, according to SECTION 1356 of Public Health Law.

Allergen information for menu items is available. If you have a food allergy, please notify the Oneida-Herkimer-Madison BOCES Food Service program. Contact School Food Service Director/Registered Dietitian Kate Dorr at or 315-738-0848.

The details of the food allergen notice for staff are also included below:

If a Customer Says They Have a Food Allergy

  • Take it seriously. Allergic reactions can be life-threatening.
  • Be ready to discuss ingredients and food preparation with the customer.
  • Communicate the allergy to the kitchen staff.
  • Let the customer know when you are unsure if a menu item contains the food allergen.
  • Always let the customer make their own informed decision.

Prevent Cross-Contact

  • Keep allergen-containing foods separate from other foods.
  • Avoid shortcuts, such as picking nuts out of a salad. Even a tiny amount of an allergen can cause a severe and potentially life-threatening reaction.
  • Consider all sources of cross-contact, such as shared surfaces, fryer oils, and cooking splatter.

Before Preparing Allergy-free Foods

  • Wash, rinse, and sanitize, or change: utensils, cutting boards, and food-contact surfaces.
  • Wash your hands and change gloves.

If a customer has an allergic reaction, call 9-1-1.


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