Grade 4 students create dioramas and use technology to put themselves inside

A picture of student who placed an image of himself inside a dioramaThe students in Leah Peyton’s fourth grade class at Herkimer Elementary School recently studied an ocean unit for science using the movie “Finding Dory.”

They then picked an animal from it, conducted research, created a diorama (a model representing a scene with 3D figures) based on its environment, and created a presentation on their animal.

But they didn’t stop there.

Using green screen technology and an iMovie app, the students prepared a speech and placed themselves inside a picture of their diorama. In the finished product, it looked like the students were talking from inside their project.

The project reinforced students’ research, public speaking, creative, and technical skills, Peyton said.

“The students loved making it,” Peyton said. “There was a lot of technology involved and they did a great job.”

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