Herkimer 8th graders create animated snow globes displaying their favorite holiday traditions

English teacher Jillian Lalonde, library media specialist Brianne Bello, licensed teaching assistant/library staff member Ashley Sommer and Ttechnology integration specialist Richard Mathy worked together this week with Lalonde’s eighth grade English classes to create animated snow globes using the design platform Canva.

In each snow globe, students shared and acted out a favorite holiday tradition they participate in each year with their families and friends. Some of these traditions included skiing, hiding an Elf on the Shelf, making hot cocoa, opening presents, sharing a meal together and more.

Students in Lalonde’s classes have been reading the novel “Born a Crime” by Trevor Noah and discussing traditions across cultures this holiday season, and this activity tied into that theme.

View a video of some of the animated snow globes below:



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