Herkimer Central School District 2023-24 budget approved

Herkimer Central School District residents voted 248-43 on Tuesday, May 16, to approve the district’s $32,776,543 budget for the 2023-24 school year.

For the third consecutive year, the budget includes a property tax levy change of 0%. The budget also provides for enhancements to student programs and services at the district, elementary and secondary levels.

“We’re thankful to our school community for its support of this budget,” Herkimer Superintendent Kathleen Carney said. “We’re glad we were able to avoid increasing taxes for our community members, and we’re exciting for all of the great things this budget will allow for our students.”

The budget is a 14.99% increase from the current school year, supported by a large increase in state funding that will allow the district to implement safety enhancements and educational programming to meet students’ extensive academic, social and emotional needs.

For the 2023-24 school budgets, the state completed its phase-in of Foundation Aid levels. As the final step of the phase-in, Herkimer is seeing its biggest jump in state aid for the upcoming school year – with the District Operating Aid from the state (including Foundation Aid) increasing by $3.1 million.

Voters also re-elected three Herkimer Board of Education members to the board: Scott Petucci with 240 votes, Joseph Lamanna with 235 votes and Diann Fischer with 229 votes. Others who received write-in votes were Michael Angelo Tirado with two, Ronald Kopelman with one, Matilda Sagaas with one and Mark Conley with one.

Additionally, district residents voted 230-61 to approve the Frank J. Basloe Public Library’s proposed tax levy of $353,844 to fund the library’s annual budget and voted on two library Board of Trustees seats. Christina Palmiotto received the most votes with 223 and was elected to a five-year term. Write-in candidate Matilda Sagaas received the second most votes with 16 and was elected to a three-year term. Others receiving write-in votes were Ronald Kopelman with three, Michael Angelo Tirado with two, Selma Covic with two, Leah Peyton with one and Carol Franklin with one.

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