Elementary Clubs & Activities

Art Club (Grade 4)

Fourth grade students may participate in Art Club. Students with a passion for creating two- and three-dimensional art may join. They will create projects for themselves, their families, and the school community to enjoy.

Computer Club (Grade 5)

Students in grade five who are interested in learning to practice a variety of computer applications may join the Computer Club. Students typically work on collaborative projects. These projects vary from year to year, depending on the programs that are available for student use and the skills of the students who participate.

Newspaper Club (Grade 4)

Newspaper Club is comprised of sixth-grade students. In this club, students report the news that is important to them. The members of this group interview new faculty and students. They report on school events, such as concerts, after school programs, and assemblies, and on youth sports, including basketball, soccer, skating, softball and baseball. Students also conduct surveys and report the results. The students write the facts down in paragraph form and then type it on the computer. The articles are then saved and are put into a newspaper format. The students in this group must like to read, write, and interview people.

Steel Drum Ensemble (Grades 5/6)

Students in fifth or sixth grade may join the Steel Drum Ensemble, which practices Caribbean-style music using the unique instrument of steel drums. Students prepare for community-based performances, which usually culminate with a performance at the State Capitol Building.

STEM Club (Grades 5/6)

STEM Club is available to any fifth or sixth-grade student who has an interest in exploring applications of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). The STEM Club will use Lego Mindstorm Robotics kits to expand the students’ application of their math and science skills.

Student Council (Grade 5)

Student Council is open to students in grade five. Any highly motivated student who wishes to help organize events that promote school spirit is welcome to join. Some events that Student Council has organized in the past are the talent show and the HES Friendly Feud. Meetings are held twice a month, but additional meetings may be scheduled when planning an event. Regular attendance and proper behavior is required. Students who miss four meetings will be asked not to return.

Yearbook Club (Grade 6)

The Yearbook Club staff is composed of sixth-grade students focused on one specific objective: to create the school’s annual yearbook. The staff members take on many responsibilities to help complete the yearbook that is purchased by the students, faculty, and staff of HES. These responsibilities include, but are not limited to, choosing the yearbook cover and creating clip art for the class pages. They are also involved in producing and/or creating layouts for the clubs and activities section of the yearbook and using the yearbook website. The staff counts money, records orders, and then finally, fills the orders and delivers the yearbook in June when they arrive. Service to our school and community is also encouraged throughout the school year during special events.

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