Elementary School Newsletter

October, 2021

From the Principal’s Desk

Dear Parents and Caregivers,
I would like to start by thanking all of the parents/caregivers who attended their child’s Parent Meet and Greet. I hope you found the night to be informative and have a better understanding of what your child does throughout the day.

Over the next few weeks, some of you may receive a parent notification letter stating your child qualifies for AIS. Beginning of the year testing (STAR and Computer Based Measure) and teacher recommendation are criteria used to identify students. We are required by the State Education Department to provide AIS to all students meeting the specified criteria.


  • October 8
  • December 8
  • January 19
  • February 16
  • April 20
  • May 25

Students will be released at the following times:

  • Pre-K: 10:30 AM
  • Grades 3-5: 11:30 AM
  • Grades K-2: 12:00 PM

We will focus on different character traits each month. The character trait for October is RESPONSIBLE, which means to do the things you are expected to do and accept the consequences for your actions. Students who exemplify being responsible throughout the month will be selected by their teacher to receive a certificate and a brag tag from Mrs. Vogt and Miss Paragi.

PTC are a time for you as the parent/caregiver to hear how your child is doing academically. PTC are scheduled for November 10 and 18. If you did not sign up for a conference during the Parent Meet and Greet, your child’s teacher will be reaching out to schedule one. Transportation will be provided by the district to and from Creekside Courts and Eastern Gardens, beginning at 12:15 PM with the last buses departing HES at 7:35 PM. Buses will run every half hour.


  • October 8: Early Release
  • October 11: Columbus Day, (No School)
  • October 22: Superintendent’s Conference Day, (No School)
  • November 11: Veterans Day, (No School)
  • November 24-26: Thanksgiving Recess, (No School)
  • December 23-31: Winter Recess, (No School)

For the remainder of the newsletter, please see the PDF file to the right.

September 2021

From the Principal’s Desk

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

I’d like to welcome everyone back for what will be a great 2021-2022 school year! It was wonderful to see the students excited to be back at school with their teachers and friends.
We have been busy this summer hiring the following new staff:

  • Jamie Brown – Grade 5 Teacher
  • Sarah Brown – Grade 2 Teacher
  • Jamie Cerasi – Grade 3 Teacher
  • Kylee Horender – Grade 5 Teacher
  • Kory Lewandrowski – Physical Education Teacher
  • Roger Maxam – Grade 2 Teacher
  • Melissa Moorehead – Secretary
  • Dinah Poland – Special Education Teacher
  • Sirena Smith – Licensed Teaching Assistant
  • Melissa Sperry – Long Term Substitute Teacher
  • Ashley Vickio – Kindergarten Teacher

We are excited to have so many new faces.

Student forms
Take some time to read and fill out the informational papers that were sent home with your child and return them to school as soon as possible. These are extremely important in the event of an emergency.

Parent meet & Greet
We have scheduled Parent Meet & Greet nights for the week of September 20. The night has been designed to allow you to meet your child’s teacher, see the classroom and hear an overview of your child’s day.
1. Attendance is limited to 2 parents per household.
2. Grade K-2 parents need to park in the C-Wing parking lot (near playground) and enter the A-Wing door.
3. Grade 3-5 parents need to park in the Athletic Field parking lot and enter the B-Wing doors.
4. The Meet & Greet will start at 6 PM. Doors will open at 5:55 PM and will lock at 6:05 PM.
Please be PROMPT.

Monday, September 20 (Grades 2 & 5)
Grade 2
• Mrs. Brown A-15
• Mrs. Crandall A-19
• Mrs. Irizarry B-03
• Mrs. Jacobs A-18
• Miss Kirkpatrick A-14
• Mrs. Knowlton A-16
• Mr. Maxam A-17
• Ms. McCumber A-20
Grade 5
• Mrs. Brown B-23
• Mrs. Denton B-18
• Mrs. Horender B-22
• Mrs. Macri B-17
• Mrs. Piazza B-04
• Mr. Schoff B-19
• Mrs. Spence B-16

Tuesday, September 21 (Grades 1 & 4)
Grade 1
• Mrs. Beyel A-09
• Mrs. Billings A-11
• Mrs. Irizarry B-03
• Mrs. Kirkpatrick A-08
• Mrs. Kuyrkendall A-10
• Mrs. Nare A-12
Grade 4
• Miss Brown B-15
• Mrs. Caiola B-14
• Miss Ellinger B-12
• Mrs. Lesniak B-11
• Mrs. McGovern B-24
• Mrs. Olds B-13

Wednesday, September 22 (Grades k & 3)
Grade K
• Mrs. Burgdoff A-07
• Mrs. Davis A-04
• Miss Maldonado A-05
• Mrs. Burns
(Mrs. Sperry) A-13
• Miss Vickio A-03
• Mrs. Ward A-06
Grade 3
• Miss Cerasi B-05
• Mrs. Jenne B-06
• Mr. Judd B-08
• Mrs. McGovern B-24
• Mrs. Sekel B-10
• Ms. Steere B-09
• Miss Winkler B-07


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