Herkimer kindergarten class adopts a cow

Herkimer Central School District teacher Amanda Johnson’s kindergarten class has a different way to learn about animals, farming and dairy products this school year – they adopted a cow.

By applying through Discover Dairy, Johnson was able to arrange for her class to adopt a cow named Delilah from Stargo Dairy Farm in Malone, N.Y., at no cost.

Students enjoy receiving photos, information and updates about the cow, along with packets from Discover Dairy with activities they can do in class, Johnson said.

“They are really excited,” Johnson said. “We found out in October who our cow was, and she was just a baby. Now, we’re going to watch her grow all year.”

Adopting the cow helps students learn about how cows grow and what farmers do to raise them, what other work farmers do and the importance of incorporating dairy products into diets, Johnson said. It also gives the students something to bond over, she said.

“We call her our class pet,” Johnson said.

Kindergartener Wynter Werner, 5, spoke excitedly about the photos of the cow that are on display in Johnson’s classroom.

“That picture is so cute of her drinking the bottle,” Wynter said. “And I love her name, Delilah.”

Kindergartener Cole Nasypany, 5, gave two thumbs up when asked if he was happy about the class adopting a cow. He also pointed out that his grandfather has two cows, named Stella and Moo Moo.

Kindergartener Aubrienna Claridy, 5, said she is excited to watch Delilah grow.

“I like the cow’s name,” she said.

The class will continue to receive photos, updates and packets throughout the school year, Johnson said.

Amanda Johnson and her kindergarten class posing with photos about the cow the class adopted

Herkimer Central School District kindergarten teacher Amanda Johnson’s class poses by a display of photos showing a cow named Delilah that the class adopted.


A wall display with photos and info about a cow Amanda Johnson's kindergarten class adopted

A display featuring Delilah, a cow from Stargo Dairy Farm in Malone, N.Y., that Herkimer Central School District kindergarten teacher Amanda Johnson’s class adopted.



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