Letters get warm response from Herkimer PD

Students hold letters

Mrs. Kuyrkendall’s first grade class wrote letters last week to each officer of the Herkimer Police Department to let them know how thankful they are for all that the police department does for our community.

The Herkimer PD shared a picture of the letters on its Facebook page, writing, “This morning, each Officer received a letter of THANKS written by students in Mrs. Kuyrkendall’s First Grade… That made our day…Thank YOU…!!!”

Envelope with label that reads, "Top Secret, Classified, Confidential, Official Police Documents, Mrs. Kuyrkendall's Class, Thank you for your letters. They were very special to us!!! We hope you enjoy the rest of your year in First Grade. Sincerely, Chief Jory"

On Monday, the class received an envelope labeled “top secret, classified, confidential, official police documents” that contained letters to the class. Each officer wrote a personal response to a student.

“The joy on their face as we read them was amazing!” Mrs. Kuyrkendall said of her students’ reaction to the letters they received.

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