Melinda Poplawski named Art Student of the Month for February 2024

The Art Student of the Month for February is Melinda Poplawski! Melinda is in ninth grade and was chosen as Student of the Month by Mrs. Zorn because of her positive work ethic and attitude in the classroom. Melinda consistently uses her work time well, and she has demonstrated a willingness to challenge herself creatively. Her art-making skills have improved tremendously over the last five months in Studio in Art.   Below is an interview with Melinda.


Q. How does it feel to be Art Student of the Month?

A. I feel really accomplished for being recognized for my work, especially since I am humble about these sort of things.


Q. What are your favorite art-making materials to work with, or subjects you like to portray?

A. I love using glitter!


Q. Do you have any artworks that you are particularly proud of?

A. Yes, I love the bracelets because of how creative they are, and also because some of them are meaningful to me.


Q. Where do you find inspiration from when you are creating your own artwork?

A. Almost everything I’ve made is inspired by Taylor Swift in some way.


Q. What are your plans after high school?  Do you plan on continuing to create art in the future?

A. After high school, I plan to attend college, but I’m undecided about what I’ll study.  I would like to continue making art as a hobby, though.


Q. Do you have any advice for your peers about the art-making process?

A. If you do what you like to do enough, you’re going to get really good!


Artwork by Melinda Poplawski



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