Please help Herkimer CSD by filling out the income application available at

Hello Herkimer CSD families,

The availability of free meals for all students has been great for our school community, but we have seen a reduction in the number of income applications that we have received.

Completing these forms (formerly “free and reduced meal applications”) helps the district qualify for different types of funding and programs on a federal and state level.

Please help our district by filling out the income application available at

Simply search for our school and follow the prompts. Thank you for your cooperation.

Your completion of the Household Income Eligibility Form allows us to receive other federal funds unrelated to school lunch such as:

  • Funding for academic intervention service (AIS) providers for K-12
  • Family engagement events
  • Supports for homeless students
  • Reduced class size
  • Professional development
  • English Language Learners supports
  • Enrichment and after-school programs (STEM, music, art, social-emotional)


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